Rep. McLaughlin Asks Democrats If They Have “Cold Feet” yet on Uncontrolled Migrant Funding?

Lake Barrington… State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) said, “With over $700 million spent so far on illegal migrants in our sanctuary city and sanctuary state, I simply ask, ‘how much more?’  How many more migrants can we afford?” 

“Recently, a group of migrants got dropped off in my district and the impacted village had to send them over to Chicago, because they were not able to handle the immense social services required,” said McLaughlin.

McLauglin said, “The intent of the legislators who supported the ‘Trust Act,’ which was signed by Governor Rauner and supported by only one House Republican, does not matter if it ends up being bad policy in practice. We simply do not have the resources or agency capacity to serve thousands of people who bypassed our ports of entry and the proper legal process. All of whom were caught and released into our country and now find themselves re-directing critical services from American citizens.”

“The burden placed on our local food banks, not-for-profits, healthcare systems, and our schools are now only beginning to be fully understood. It’s time to talk about how many people we can realistically accommodate and afford before we cause a full-scale humanitarian crisis,” said McLaughlin.

“The individuals heading up to Illinois invited by the Governor and the Mayor of Chicago are being met with limited resources and options. The supporters of our sanctuary status should become fully aware of the real situation facing our newly arrived people,” said McLaughlin.

“We have limited services available for the migrants and most now find themselves huddled in tent cities across Chicago facing down three months of unpredictable yet brutal weather. With the wind chill in the low teens this week, there are now literal cold feet in our streets that must be addressed immediately,” concluded Rep. McLaughlin.

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