We will miss Marian Sanfilippo: The matriarch of the Sanfilippo family of Barrington Hills

I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Marian Sanfilippo, the matriarch of the Sanfilippo family of Barrington Hills over the weekend. Marian and her late husband Jasper were passionate collectors dedicated to the preservation of automatic musical instruments, phonographs, antique arcade and gambling machines and many thousands of other mechanical inventions at their estate “Place del la Musique”, which is also home to the world’s largest restored theatre pipe organ.

Over the years, Marian and Jasper generously shared their collection and home with the world, by hosting a multitude of charitable events through www.SanfilippoFoundation.org at the estate. Marian was noted for her kindness, her strong faith, as well as for her unassuming grace and hospitality.

On behalf of all the residents of the 52nd District, I extend our sincerest condolences to the entire Sanfilippo family – John, Jim, Jeffrey, Lisa and Jasper, grandchildren and great grandchildren on the loss of this great lady.