Rep McLaughlin: Leaders need to prioritize Victims’ Rights, not Criminals

As public leaders, we all take an oath to protect the Constitution, and when I was mayor, I also took an oath to protect the public safety, health, and welfare of our citizens. I am tired of hearing about criminals and the protections that they need when it’s the Victims, Families, Children, Taxpayers, and the Business owners of the state who we are supposed to protect. I mean my God we just shut down the Friday morning swim club, but we won’t acknowledge the gathering of vandals who are destroying public property in the heart of our city.

We need to stop focusing on criminals’ rights and start focusing on victims’ rights. We need to make crime illegal again and make offenders aware that punishment isn’t just a threat – it’s an actuality that will be carried out by our law enforcement leaders, our courts, states attorneys, and our elected political leaders. I am blessed to live in McHenry County where crime is the lowest in the entire state per capita in Illinois. This is not just by accident.