Rep. McLaughlin Calls Foul on Democrats Corruption

SPRINGFIELDState Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) released the following statement pertaining to the guilty verdict over the federal corruption trial rocking the Dirksen Federal Court House and Illinoisans across the state.

“Over the past two months, the Madigan – “ComEd Four” corruption trial took place, unfortunately not with much fanfare. Today’s actions in court are an indictment of the culture of corruption, which was allowed to thrive under former Speaker Madigan’s inner circle.

“Much of the testimony we heard was incredibly revealing as to the unbridled influence Madigan had over legislators, consultants, lobbyists and CEOs, costing us all millions. Illinoisans should be furious that this occurred and we should all work much harder than Illinois Democrats have worked to ensure this kind of unethical behavior is stopped and prevented in the future.

“Ethics do matter, and we need to immediately call on legislators to establish new ethics laws – with real teeth- so that the public can be assured that their representatives are working for them , instead of for themselves.

“During Spring Session, House Republicans introduced real ethics and corruption reform bills that address issues ranging from lobbying reforms to new requirements for elected officials. Not one has been addressed by supermajority Democrats.

“Madigan’s corruptive influence and money should be rejected and returned by any legislator that wants to be taken seriously regarding corruption and ethics reform. I stand willing to collaborate with anyone in the General Assembly that actually is ready to put forth real ethics reform legislation on the floor for a vote.”