On Tax Day 2023, Rep McLaughlin urges General Assembly to “Do more, spend less!”

Well, it’s Tax Day 2023. Our forefathers felt so strongly about overtaxation that they created a new nation. Look at us now. Here is a list of the state taxes that get collected by our Illinois Department of Revenue. And this doesn’t include recently proposed state progressive taxes, or any of the new City of Chicago taxes proposed by the new mayor Brandon Johnson. Warning!!!! Please take A strong antacid before you begin reading this list. And make sure you’ve got at least 15 minutes to get through it all.

Illinois Tax Information:

Charity Gaming Taxes • Bingo Tax & License Fees • Charitable Games Tax & License Fees • Pull Tab & Jar Games Tax & License Fees Excise & Utilities Taxes • Cigarette & Cigarette Use Taxes • Cigarette Machine Operators’ Tax (Roll Your Own) • Coin-Operated Amusement Device Tax • Dry-Cleaning License Tax & Fee • Electricity Distribution & Invested Capital Taxes • Electricity Excise Tax • Energy Assistance Charge, Renewable Energy Charge & Energy Transition Assistance Charge • Gas Tax • Gas Use Tax • Hotel Operators’ Occupation Tax • Illinois Sports Facilities Hotel Tax • Liquor Gallonage Tax • Liquor Warehouseman • Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Hotel Tax • Municipal Hotel Tax (Chicago) • Parking Excise Tax • Qualified Solid Waste Energy Facility Payments • Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax • Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fees • Telecommunications Tax • Tobacco Products Tax • Water and Sewer Assistance Charge Income and Replacement Taxes • Corporation • Exempt Organization • Fiduciary (Trust and Estate) • Individual Income Tax (Sole Proprietorships) • Partnerships • Subchapter S (Small Business) Corporation Motor Fuel Taxes • Motor Fuel • Vendors Approved to Provide Electronic Filing of Motor Fuel Tax Schedules Other Taxes • Cannabis Taxes • Rental Housing Support Program Surcharge • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Property Taxes • Real Estate Transfer Tax – Individuals, Title Companies and Settlement Agencies • Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamp Purchase Forms/Procedures – Counties Sales Taxes • Aircraft Use Tax • Automobile Renting Occupation & Use Taxes • Business District Retailers’ Occupation Tax • Certified Service Providers-Certified Automated Systems Information • Chicago Home Rule Municipal Soft Drink Retailers’ Occupation Tax • County Motor Fuel Tax • Home Rule and Non-home Rule Sales Taxes • Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) Assessment • Live Adult Entertainment Facility Surcharge • Local Automobile Renting Occupation & Use Taxes • Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (MPC) • Mass Transit District [Metro-East Mass Transit (MED) Taxes and Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Taxes] • Metro-East Park and Recreation District Tax • Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) Food and Beverage Tax • Municipal Motor Fuel Tax • Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge • Private Party Vehicle Use Tax • Rental Purchase Agreement Occupation Tax • Sales & Use Taxes • Sales of Aircraft & Watercraft by Lessors • Special County Retailers’ Occupation Tax for Public Safety, Public Facilities, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, or Transportation • Tire User Fee • Watercraft Use Tax • Withholding Income Tax