Rep. McLaughlin Fights For Illinois Small Businesses

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) took to the floor this week to implore Illinois political leaders and the Governor to stay out of the way of the business sector.

Rep. McLaughlin said, “Politicians must stop playing political games with the lives of thousands of business owners across our state. We need to address the government programs keeping residents on the continued unemployment benefits in lieu of entering private sector businesses.”

Rep. McLaughlin said, “Big box stores did wonderful the last 14 months, but how about the mom and pop stores across the state that line up our main streets? Our manufacturing sector has so many available openings that are going unfilled every day, leaving the country without vital resources.”

“We have thousands and thousands of open jobs paying living wages — most above the new minimum wage and the enhanced unemployment benefits. These jobs are essential to getting our state back on track and growing the middle class,” said Rep. McLaughlin.

Rep. McLaughlin said, “The American dream is building a successful business filled with skilled and competent employees. This is the priority of our country because working with others and expressing your passions is the only way to learn the invaluable life skills.”

“It is time to prioritize work over benefit checks because a benefit check can never replace the life lessons gained from working for others. Bosses, skilled co-workers, and mentor relationships in the workplace are the cornerstone of the trades and essential for the individual’s personal improvement,” said Rep. McLaughlin.

“Our business owners are fiercely independent, taking on the personal risks by putting their name and reputation on the line to open up their shops, and they only ask to have the government allow them to compete and operate,” said Rep. McLaughlin. 

Rep. McLaughlin said, “We must demand the workers receiving these unemployment benefits be able, available, and actively seeking employment, because we cannot continue to go down this path as we overcome this pandemic. Illinois should be a part of the solution and start competing regionally and nationally.”