Rep. McLaughlin Calls Foul On Disastrous FOID System

BARRINGTON HILLS… State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) said, “The number of calls and emails coming into my office each week discussing the massive issues with FOID and CCL applications is alarming.”

“The constituent concerns stem from both new applicants and renewals, many of them dating back to July and August. These backlogs are unacceptable and violate our 2 nd Amendment Constitutional rights,” said Rep. McLaughlin.

“Last year, my colleagues discovered the Democrats swept money out of the dedicated fund that helps administer the program to the tune of $28,000,000 million dollars. The money collected from lawful gun owners went out of the FOID fund and into the General Revenue Fund to pay for other programs,” said Rep. McLaughlin.

Rep. McLaughlin said, “I call upon my fellow legislators to support pending legislation like House Bill 3761 to make FOID & CCL cards good for the lifetime of the cardholder,” said Rep. McLaughlin.

“I will be joining members of the House Republican Caucus to actively fight off any attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights and be vocal in ensuring we protect our Constitution to the fullest,” said Rep. McLaughlin.