Rep. McLaughlin Responds to Governor Signing HB 3653

BARRINGTON HILLS… In response to Governor Pritzker signing House Bill 3653 into law today, State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) said, “Today, the Governor supported a bill voted on in the dead of night with no support from any law enforcement group, republican legislator, or any public input.

After serving eight years as Village President and the head of the village police department, I have had an inside look at what law enforcement officers go through on a daily basis to perform their difficult jobs effectively, and House Bill 3653 does not increase public safety whatsoever.

Illinois has high requirements for training and certification of our officers. This legislation is pure politics over public safety, and the Governor should not have signed such sweeping legislation without working with the groups that will have to implement the expensive regulations.

There will be negative outcomes from this bill, and I hope those legislators who constructed and passed these sweeping changes in a marathon overnight session will hold themselves accountable.”